This year we encourage all conference attendees to bring donations for the United Veterans Beacon House. Donations of toiletries and hygiene products are especially needed, although they also accept twin-sized bedding and clothing.

United Veterans Beacon House is a 501 (c) non-profit headquartered in Bay Shore, New York. Each year our dedicated staff of 129 helps more than 1,200 veterans, some through our housing programs and others through our community-based supportive
programs, regain their independence. Each client is an individual with a unique past and unique hopes for the future; we recognize this, and as such, we customize a life goals plan, a road map to their future. We support veterans as they navigate the road map; we celebrate their accomplishments and help them learn from the pitfalls, continuously evolving and changing the road map until they achieve their goals. Every aspect of life is recognized and met while our clients reach their goals. For more information, visit